miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

[Lit] Mr. Anderson

Who do you think I am?
Do you think I am made out of rubber?

Maybe just another cell.
A foreign sound...perhaps?
A broom, a shoe, a spoon, a piece of grass,
or not even that...not even that!

Some kind of skinny lonesome dog?
Who does not work out that much?
Yes that kind that is not alive and does not talk coherent barks.
Who do you think I am?

Well...guess what?
Can you see my smile right now? It is sky high!

I am alive, I am alive, just like the Universe.
Can you touch my soul?
Can you wonder inside God's forest through the night?
I am a leaf floating on the water,
testing the air under the ocean, eating bubbles all day long, seaweed, coral reef,
light and pure heart, I am fire and I am the sun.

I am that fire, that golden spot, that bull that you can't stop.

Lahat Kan 4.12

'Fica forte collection'

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