viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

"Juarez: A new beginning"

Join us for a dynamic talk on the variety
of models and approaches that residents
of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, are employing
to bring about a new start for the city.
The violent situation in Ciudad Juarez is
the result of a failed system, and its
residents' responses are important
examples from which the international
community can learn a great deal.

Felix Medina was born in Mexicali,
Baja California, and raised in Ciudad
Juarez, Chihuahua. He graduated
from the Universidad Autonoma de
Ciudad Juarez with a B.A. in
Hispano-Mexican Literature, where
he worked with youth deported
from the US to Mexico, as well as
with US study abroad students.

Please invite a friend and come with us!

05.12.2011 5PM
P.C.C.M. Watson Auditorium

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